Board consists of 5-7 individuals who have expertise in fields beneficial to the company.


1. Advise the Management team on issues related to your area of expertise.

2. Review documents, marketing materials, self-learning or other company materials as requested to give input from your area of expertise.

3. Attend an occasional one-hour video meeting as an advisory board to review major ideas.

4. Each advisor should contribute a significant idea to the company at least once every three months. The ideas would be generated from your readings or industry knowledge that would support the company’s growth. An idea should be formally submitted in writing in less than one written page. Email is fine. If the idea has merit, the advisor would be expected to help develop the idea into a full working plan. The company would have full ownership of any intellectual properties resulting from the implementation of an idea without further compensation to you. 

5. Allow the company to publicize your serving as an “Advisor.” This would require you to:

  • Be the on-camera personality for a short 5-minute video on a topic related to your expertise.

  • Provide a fun photo and short “friendly” bio for the company website and marketing materials.


  • 1/2% of the initial ownership pool vested over 3 years starting Jan 1, 2019.

  • Reimbursement for any expenses incurred (approved in advance of course)

  • Year end distributions to owners based on ownership vested.


Ownership would be non-voting with an acceleration to full vesting if more than 50% of the company were to be acquired by outside investors. If your involvement is terminated for non-activity or at your request, you will retain any ownership that has vested.


If you as an advisory board member would like to help implement specific projects, a fee for that labor would be negotiated separate from ownership.