What's in Your Rearview Mirror?

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When I was learning to drive the instructor taught me to check in the rear view mirror every once in a while. That made sense to me.  It’s a part of knowing your surroundings so you are more prepared to handle any challenges which may arise.  Maybe someone is tailgating too close, or an emergency vehicle is approaching. It’s just good practice and habit to get into when you drive.

What if, however, you are looking in the mirror because you are being chased?  Fear is now your motivator, and you are running away from something.  You are traveling fast but looking back and never see what’s ahead. You may be headed for a crash.

In life, Running From is based on fear, can be dangerous and will never ultimately get you where you want to go.   We might be running from a bad relationship, or difficult job, or being overweight, or not feeling adequate, or an addiction.   Running From is like driving forward and never taking your eyes off the rear view mirror.

Running To is based on inspiration, is rewarding, fun, and will get you to places further than you can ever imagine today.   Running To requires a clear picture and direction of where you want your life to be.  Do you have that clear vision, and does it inspire your actions every day?  One thing is for sure. If you are not Running To something, you are by default Running From something, and you are missing some great experiences. 

The Point

I think about all the times in my life I looked in the rearview mirror and missed a great opportunity that lay ahead.  So, ignore the rear view mirror and run towards the future. Make your dreams a reality.

 To your Intentional Life!



ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Joe Price is the author of the Intentional coaching track found in TLC. He has been involved in the corporate training industry for over 30 years.

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