It's Now Intermission

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In our book, Juggling Elephants, Jones Loflin and I talk about the importance of taking an intermission in life just like you would in a circus or play.

Intermission is a chance for you to get away from day to day. It is an opportunity to prepare for the next act. Intermission is a time to reconnect with those that you have been neglecting. What kind of intermission do you need today?

  • 15 minutes to clear your head, take a walk, get some fresh air?

  • 30 minutes to close your eyes or a quick nap in the middle of a full day of meetings?

  • An evening to go to dinner, or a movie, or a walk with someone you care about?

  • A day off to work in your yard and pull weeds or another physical workout rather than mental work?

  • A long weekend away. Solitude. A chance to read, think, plan, re-evaluate, set goals, sleep, relax, clear your head, walk, pray, listen, stretch, eat, and do nothing?

  • A week of vacation with friends and family? A chance to make new connections or see new places?

Intermissions come in all sizes and shapes, but each should have a different goal and intended outcome.


Plan and look forward to your next “intermission.” Sometimes, be spontaneous and take an “unplanned intermission” to clear your head when you're overwhelmed. You’ll come out relaxed, replenished and renewed.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Todd Musig, MBA, has co-authored several books and is an accomplished trainer and teacher.

Gary Dansie