Words Matter

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Most of us know “words” have power.  Some believe words create; others are convinced words attract.  What I know for sure, (proven by over 30 years of study and real coaching results), is we don’t spend enough time or energy focusing on the language we use.

Unfortunately, we are not as Intentional as we could be with our language.  Not just toward others (which could change relationships in an instant), but how our words reflect how we think and dictate what we do.  Part of being more “Intentional” is deciding the right words to use when we speak.  Intentional words convey purpose and meaning. Ambiguous words create confusion.

Do you use “dance” words when you talk about your future actions?  These words let you dance around the subject without committing to anything.  Dancing words like, “have to, want to, should do, need to, must do,” sound like we are going to do something but give us an out to NOT do it.  I also call “dancing” words “thinking” words because we are still thinking about the topic—not doing anything about it. 

 The Point?

Use “action” words, like: “I will; I am going to” instead of words with no commitment.

If you hear yourself saying things like, “I really should go to the gym more, I need to stop smoking; I want to…(fill in the blank)”, stop and substitute those words with action words—I AM going to the gym tomorrow 6:00 am, I WILL stop smoking right now. 

To zero in on good action words, ask yourself one of these questions, “What is the first step I WILL take” or “What AM I Going To DO”?  When you state the action, with commitment, it will make all the difference in the world.  I guarantee it!

 To Your Intentional Life



ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Joe Price is the author of the Intentional coaching track found in TLC. He has been involved in the corporate training industry for over 30 years.

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