Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?

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So why did the Chicken cross the road?  Answer: To break a bad habit! (Not funny? Read on and haha later.)

In a previous blog I talked out Charles Duhigg’s “CUE-ROUTINE-REWARD” cycle of a habit. His book “The Power of Habit” helps us understand the power that habits have over us.

Coffee from Starbucks is a morning habit for many and so most Starbucks locations are on the right side of the road as you DRIVE TO WORK with easy access for you to pursue your habit. They are no dummies.  They know that if you can easily slip into the store and out again, you’ll buy. 

Same for Little Caesar’s Pizza but in reverse. Little Caesar’s locates their stores on the right side of the road as you DRIVE HOME to tempt you to grab a pizza rather than cook healthy food at home.

Think for a moment about a bad habit that challenges your progress today. What makes the habit easy to access, easy to get the reward?

If Starbucks moves to the left side of the road, it’s too much work to fight the traffic in the morning so you’ll settle for the coffee pot at work. Did you follow what I just said---If Starbucks moved to the other side of road, it would break the Starbucks habit.

Just for practice, try changing this habit in less than 2 minutes.


The Point

For the bad habits that you want to end---simply “move the store” out of your reach. “Moving the store” may mean severing relationships, changing your phone number, even moving if necessary.

Think about what you can do to eliminate the CUE—or “move the store”—out of your reach. Remove the CUE and you stopped the ROUTINE and REWARD and the habit no longer exists.

Have a great day.



ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Gary Dansie, MEd / MBA, is a founder and Executive Director of TLCpo/RecoveryTLC. He was a pioneer in the development of web software during the 1990s and in 2010 created one of the first in-home addiction treatment programs using video conference that was accredited by The Joint Commission.

Gary Dansie