An Intentional Coach™ is a compassionate, educated person who is passionate about helping people and making a difference in their lives.   You do not need to have previous coaching experience. We will train and certify you in the Intentional™ Program..

The purpose of the Intentional Coach™ is to help our clients develop a clear picture of what they want their life to look like in the future, create a plan to achieve that vision, then give them the knowledge, skills and tools they will need to navigate their journey along the way.

Work From Home

All sessions are Telehealth (video conference) so you can work from home as long as you have a private room and wear a headset. We will train you on techniques to effectively use telehealth.

Equipment Needed

  • Laptop or desktop computer with webcam
  • Internet (25 MBPS minimum)
  • Headset or earbuds

Work Duties




Intentional Coaches host 1-hour group coaching sessions using the Intentional™ Curriculum. All work is group sessions unless the Client requests private coaching. Other than a simple attendance chart, you do not need to maintain any individual progress records.

Each week the Client will focus on one Intentional Concept.  The concept is presented in a self-learning course along with predictive mini-coaching on video. The Client is expected to practice the concept for a couple of days and report his/her actions in the Client Web Site. The coach then meets with a group of clients at the end of each week (typically Thursday or Saturday/Sunday) to coach that week’s assignment.

Working Hours




Individual sessions are scheduled by the primary therapist at a time mutually convenient.

Groups are held at various times of the day with an emphasis on the evening.  If you are running groups, you may want to host 2 or 3 groups during the same evening to accommodate time zones.

Part-time hours are a minimum 6 hours per week and maximum 20 hours.




You are paid for each session plus incentive bonus based on your Client Satisfaction rating:

•Each coaching session                                   $40 per session
•Bonus for client Satisfaction 4.5+ of 5.            $5 per session
•You will also be paid a 4-hour training reimbursement for training on company processes
     after you complete 90 days of successful employment.

Payment Frequency


•Payments are made every 2 weeks on the Friday following the end of 2 week period
•ALL payments and reimbursements are made by direct deposit. No paper checks will be issued.
•All Coaches are independent contractors. Your pay will be reported as 1099-misc to the IRS.

If Selected, We Need These Items Before Starting Work

•Three references
•Active First Aid/CPR training card (Online self-learning class is OK)
•Fingerprint cards and application for background checks. (Company pays screening fees)

Qualifications of an Intentional Coach



Great coaches are compassionate, educated people who are passionate about helping people and making a difference in their lives.  They do not need previous coaching experience but believe in the coaching experience and are open to being coached themselves.  They are always eager to learn new processes and techniques to make the client coaching experience the best it can be.

Since much of the coaching involves people struggling with addiction, the coach should have an understanding of the addiction treatment industry.

Certification Process


We will train you to become a certified Intentional Coach™.   Even if you are a certified coach through another individual, organization or school, you will still be required to successfully complete the Intentional Coach™ Certification Program.  The Intentional Toolbox™ for coaches and clients is filled with the most comprehensive and effective set of systems and processes to Intentionally succeed at anything you do.  Because you will have this toolbox, your certification will also help you in all other areas of your life.

Intentional Program Objectives







The first objective is to help our clients understand that their lives have been a series of reactionary decisions that have led them to the place where they are and to help them commit to make dramatic changes in the ways they make choices and decisions—to become Intentional. 

The second objective is to give them the Intentional Toolbox™ filled with skills and tools which will help them make the transformation from a mere intention- and reaction-based life to a more fulfilling, peaceful and purposeful one filled with Intentional Achievements.

The third objective is to use our unique Intentional Coaching Process™ to guide them from where they are to where they want to be.  Our four-step coaching process helps them 1) discover what are the right choices and decisions for them, build 2) clarity around how they practically implement those in their life, get them into # action to practice and perfect the right steps to take and hold them 4) accountable to the overall process.