Criteria for Admission

We serve Adults who need and want treatment for behavioral health conditions including substance use, anxiety, depression, trauma, sleep disorder and more.

Mental Health Treatment

  • Adults

  • English Language

  • Medications to be managed by your personal health provider

  • We do not treat self harm or severe psychotic conditions

  • Ability to pay for services

Addiction Treatment

  • Adults

  • English Language

  • Severe co-occurring conditions and medications must be managed by your personal health provider

  • Appropriate for outpatient treatment as defined by ASAM Level II.1 and Level I

  • Ability to pay for services

*We do not discriminate based on race, color, religion, gender, national origin, disability, marital status or sexual orientation.

Reasons for Denial or Termination of Services

  • Medical, Mental of Developmental Disability precluding full program participation

  • Suicide intention plan or reoccurring self-harming behaviors

  • Inability to accept clinical recommendations adhere to program rules

  • Non-attendance

  • Verbally, physically or sexually abusive behavior toward others

  • Threatening, assault or intimidating behavior toward others

  • Excessively disruptive behavior in Group Sessions

  • Toxicity or withdrawal effects from mood-altering substances

  • Recent history or present legal issues due to violent criminal behavior

  • Lack of cognitive ability necessary to benefit from the program

  • Grossly impaired impulse control

  • Non-payment of fees per agreed terms