Hiring Process

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Thank you so much for your interest. At the present time, we would love to have another therapist join out team. Feel free to leave your resume for any job and we’ll be in touch as soon as an opening becomes available.

Jobs & Roles


Licensed Therapists help Clients heal from their Disease. We can provide supervision and assist with reciprocal state licensing if needed. Learn More...

Intentional Coaches

Coaching improves performance of new skills our Clients learn in the exclusive Intentional Life Curriculum. We'll train you in our program.  Learn More…

Peer Mentors

Peer mentors show the way and help clients get from here to there faster. Mentors can be certified in any state. Learn More...


Outreach specialist build community relationship in the town where he/she lives. Outreach is a part time (your schedule) job and requires previous knowledge of the mental health industry.


Our online self paced learning does the job of teacher and trainer so that the Therapists, Coaches and Mentor can be more efficient doing their jobs.

We screen for these criteria:*

-Energy (Positive, enthusiastic)

-Energize (Ability to energize others)

-Edge (Ability to make tough decisions)

-Execute (Ability to get things done)

-Passion (deep, authentic excitement for work)

*Adapted from "Winning" by Jack Welch