Peer Mentors support clients through the entire life-cycle of client engagement. Mentors are a trusted guide and depending on the mentee’s needs a mentor shares knowledge and life experiences. TLC Mentors begin building a relationship starting with first contact (inquiry), enrollment, treatment and beyond.  

Work From Home

All sessions are Telehealth (video conference) so you can work from home as long as you have a private room and wear a headset. We will train you on techniques to effectively use telehealth.

Equipment Needed

  • Laptop or desktop computer with webcam
  • Internet (25 MBPS minimum)
  • Headset or earbuds

Mentor Duties








Enrollment Stage
Mentors reply to inquiries submitted through the web site. Prospects can also schedule a 30-minute meeting with a mentor to discuss the program in detail. There are no inbound telephone calls. A mentor would then stay in touch to guide the prospect through the enrollment process. You would be assigned to the Client for the entire treatment cycle to ensure relationship continuity.

Treatment Stage
Mentor would review client assignments, provide supportive feedback to the client and reports suspected relapse or other issues to the Therapist immediately.  In short, be a friend who supports something positive to say each week.

AfterCare Stage
Mentor would continue to stay in contact with the Client at least once a month for up to one year. You would encourage Client to attend a monthly Aftercare meeting and complete a short monthly survey.

Group Sessions



Group sessions are 1-2 hours long. Each session has an assigned topic with resource materials to support the weekly topic for self-learning and Intentional Coaching™.  Preparation time is minimal even for beginning therapists.  

Group therapists must hold any appropriate license. Interns can help by being mentors until licensed. 

Qualifications & Credentials

Mentors must complete a peer mentoring course from your local training sponsor (usually a state agency.) Effective Peer mentors have experience with addiction either personally or through a loved one in order to be fully accepted by the client.

Working Hours


Part-time hours are typically 10+ hours a week. Prospects may schedule a 30 minute conversation with a Mentor thru an online calendar to get information about our program. Except for these preschedule conversations, you may do your other work on your schedule.

Compensation Structure








Mentors receive a base pay base plus incentive bonuses for (1) enrolling a new clients and (2) upon graduation. Clients must meet minimal requirements to graduate officially from the program.


Mentoring Activities                       $20 / hour

Enrollment Bonus                            $75 After 1 week of full Client participation

Completion Bonus                           $25 Upon Client graduation

Training Reimbursement                    4 hours after 90 days of working with TLCpo

You are not paid for

Occasional staff meetings

Payment Frequency


  • Payments are made every 2 weeks on the Friday following the end of 2 week period
  • ALL payments and reimbursements are made by direct deposit. No paper checks will be issued.
  • All Mentors are independent contractors. Your pay will be reported as 1099-misc to the IRS.

If Selected, We Need These Items Before Starting Work

  • Active First Aid/CPR training card (Online self-learning class is OK)
  • Fingerprint cards and application for background checks. (Company pays screening fees)