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Management Team

Resides In Utah

Resides In Utah

Gary Dansie, co-founder/CEO/Executive director (M.Ed, MBA)

Mr. Dansie oversees the vision and mission of the company as well as function as the Executive Director.

Background: Mr. Dansie has helped dozens of companies develop business processes to improve efficiency and compliance.  He was a pioneer in the web industry,  co-founding DIGOP, a web software developer for the healthcare industry in 1994. DIGOP was later acquired by a publicly traded healthcare company. He co-founded Recovery Help in 2010 to provide substance use treatment using Telehealth. That company was acquired in 2014, and since then he has been a consultant to care centers and substance treatment facilities both outpatient and residential. He holds a BS from the college of business and an M.Ed in the theory of education from the University of Utah plus a recently completed his MBA.

For Fun: Gary loves to build/remodel houses for exercise as well as travel.  His latest “fun” is working on an MBA online to refresh the latest business philosophy and practices.

Resides in Arizona

Resides in Arizona

Joe Price, Co-Founder / Director of Intentional™ curriculum (BS)

Mr. Price oversees the development of TLCpo curriculum used in Therapy, Self-Learning and Coaching.  He also supervises the certification of the Intentional Coaches™.

Background: Mr. Price is the Founder and CEO of Intentional Achievements™, and, Intentional Living Alliance™, a 501(c)3.  He has over 30 years of experience in the training and development field with proven abilities in all areas of business and personal development.
In 2012, Joe created the Intentional Recovery™ program with the companion Intentional Teens™. Both programs have helped hundreds of individuals regain a productive life. Joe has designed and instructed programs and seminars for dozens of fortune 500 companies as well as the Maricopa County, Arizona, Jails system. He is a contributing author of Roadmap to Success with Stephen Covey and Ken Blanchard, and author of the book series “9- Keys to Measurable Intentional Success.”  

For Fun: Joe loves riding his Honda Goldwing motorcycle in the Arizona sun and was a motorcycle safety instructor.  As the volunteer National Training Director for the Gold Wing Road Riders Association [GWRRA], Joe created their GWRRA University, and custom designed numerous training programs in areas of leadership, personal development and motorcycle safety.

Resides in Arizona

Resides in Arizona

Laurel Rettle, Clinical Director (PHD, LPC) 

Dr. Rettle oversees the quality of clinical care to ensure that Members receive the best possible treatment. This includes curriculum, staffing, quality control and supervision of the clinical team.

Background:  She has worked in mental health and integrated care for over 30 years.  She has also implemented several contracts for a fortune 500 company.

For Fun: Dr. Rettle has 2 adult children and is active in the DAR.


Resides in Utah

Resides in Utah


Dr. Smith oversees the company’s medical standards and serves as a clinical resource as needed.

Background: Dr. Smith graduated from the University of Utah with a degree in Behavioral Science and Health. Later completed medical school at the University of Utah, and was an honor student in Emergency medicine. He decided to pursue a career In psychiatry because felt it would be more Interesting and challenging. He worked for many years on the clinical faculty of the University of Utah before deciding to pursue additional opportunities. While at the University was the medical director of inpatient psychiatry. Also worked in the University Counseling Center, supervised residents and medical students, and maintained an outpatient practice.
He has over ten years of experience serving patients via Telehealth.  

For Fun: He often trades Telehealth treatment for in-person treatment in rural areas by small plane as a licensed pilot.