I went twice as far and twice as fast as I expected.
— Mary

This program has given me the tools to essentially mend the broken rudder of my life and to set myself on an intentional journey through life. . .Began to know a very interesting person; somebody I’ve forgotten about and that was myself.
— Jack

I validated my passion for life. I validated my Values. It gave me the courage to ask for more in life going forward.
— Gloria

I loved it when one of the men in the program said he met a fascinating person, …himself!
— Mary

In taking this program I have become more cognizant of who I am, what I’m doing and why I’m doing it. It’s made it a lot better for me and my life, family and career.
— Ken

I found that the sessions and coaching style created an environment unlike other learning environments, one that I totally understood. I am proud to have sat in these groups.
— Kristofer

The “Decision Triangle” exercise alone has brought tremendous results to my life and eliminated the stress and angst of answering the question “What should I do?” in any given situation.

I was inspired to do . . . because you showed me how important it is to be intentional with whatever you really want from life.
— -Annette

Learning how to actually “plan” my vision, instead of just dreaming about it – has made all the difference in the world!
— -kim