We have opportunities for Therapists with all license types. Learn more below.

Work From Home

All sessions are Telehealth (video conference) so you can work from home as long as you have a private room and wear a headset. We will train you on techniques to effectively use telehealth.

Equipment Needed

  • Laptop or desktop computer with webcam
  • Internet (25 MBPS minimum)
  • Headset or earbuds

Primary Therapist for Individual Sessions




Each client is assigned a primary therapist who will meet with him/her in individual sessions.  The first session will be to review the client’s self-assessment, diagnosis and guide the client on how to create a personal treatment plan. The last session will be the discharge session.

Primary Therapists may be asked to perform preauthorizations and utilization reviews directly with the client’s insurance company. After all, you know the client better than anyone in the company!

Because we treat many behavioral conditions, primary therapists MUST BE independently licensed.


Group Sessions



Group sessions are 1-2 hours long. Each session has an assigned topic with resource materials to support the weekly topic for self-learning and Intentional Coaching™.  Preparation time is minimal even for beginning therapists.  

Group therapists must hold any appropriate license. Interns can help by being mentors until licensed. 




Primary therapists must be licensed in the state where the client resides. We will pay your fees for reciprocal licensing in other states.

Group therapists must have an active license in the state where you reside. TLCpo can provide supervision if you are recently licensed.

Working Hours




Individual sessions are scheduled by the primary therapist at a time mutually convenient.

Groups are held at various times of the day with an emphasis on the evening.  If you are running groups, you may want to host 2 or 3 groups during the same evening to accommodate time zones.

Part-time hours are a minimum 6 hours per week and maximum 20 hours.

Pay Structure













You will receive a base pay base plus incentive bonus for excelling in two areas (1) Client satisfaction rating and (2) prompt entry of clinical notes.

You are paid your base rate/incentive for:

  • All treatment hours individual or group
  • ½ hour for individual session no-shows
  • Regular case review meetings
  • URs, preauthorization’s, consults, other work requested
  • You will also be paid a 4-hour training bonus after you complete 90 days of successful employment.

You are not paid for

  • Occasional staff meetings
  • License supervision meetings (if required)

Current Pay Rates

Independently licensed Therapist                                       $40/hr base

Other Licensed Therapist                                                     $25/hr base

Bonus 1: Client Satisfaction Rating 4.5+ out of 5               $3/hr bonus

Bonus 2: Prompt data entry (less than 24 hrs)                     $2/hr bonus

Payment Frequency


  • Payments are made every 2 weeks on the Friday following the end of 2 week period
  • ALL payments and reimbursements are made by direct deposit. No paper checks will be issued.
  • All therapists are independent contractors. Your pay will be reported as 1099-misc to the IRS.

If Selected, We Need These Items Before Starting Work

  • Active First Aid/CPR training card (Online self-learning class is OK)
  • Fingerprint cards and application for background checks. (Company pays screening fees)
  • Personal professional Liability Insurance for $1 Million