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Innovate to "Make a Difference" in Behavioral Health Treatment to benefit the world

Everything we do is designed to Make a Difference and excel beyond the norm.  As we prove new methods, we will share them with the industry to raise the bar for future treatment outcomes.  But the real test is when our clients begin to Make a Difference in their own lives, families, careers and personal satisfaction.  Making a Difference is what it's all about.


• Empower our Clients to achieve the kind of life that they can’t even image today.

Individuals with behavioral challenges often struggle to visualize one day at a time. Our programs have been designed to expand that vision from one day at a time, to one week, one month, one year and then a lifetime.

• Every encounter allows our Team to be their best at what they do.

Innovation creates a delivery environment where our team can be energized to stimulate the minds and inspire the behaviors of our Clients at each contact.

• Use Technology to facilitate, measure and reward our Members as well as our team.

We have stitched together enterprise level technologies to make the Member Experience convenient and transparent.  Clients interactively participate in every step of the way. Every action is tracked, rated and rewarded through gamification, certificates and tangible rewards.

Innovating and advancing the way Behavioral Treatment is provided.

We strive to apply the latest best practices from many industries, measure results and help advance the treatment industry as a whole.

Social Responsibility

TLCpo approaches its social responsibility in several ways. (1) HELPING FUTURE GENERATIONS: We help people move forward faster in life benefiting families for generations to come. (2) SERVICE TO OTHERS: The primary pillar of the TLC program is service to others and the community. Client homework includes donating time and talents to help those in need and their community. (3) SCHOLARSHIPS: Around 10% of clients receive scholarships based on need to attend our programs. (4) SAVING TREES: All systems and record keeping are electronic making TLCpo a 100% paperless operation.